English Language Editing Grants

JAWS is delighted to be able support its members by providing English language editing of academic articles.


– The author must be a JAWS member.
– The article must be of high and publishable quality.
– In the case of native speakers of English, eligibility is restricted to graduate students. In the case of non-native speakers, graduate students and those on unestablished or low-income posts are able to apply.

and either
–  the article has already been accepted for publication (either book or peer-reviewed journal)
–  the article has been informally reviewed by at least two colleagues and is ready to be submitted to a journal for peer review. There needs to be a clear plan as to where the article will be submitted. 

Maximum support is 20 hours of professional language editing per person. The receipt of a grant must be acknowledged in a footnote of your article.

Application procedure:

There is no deadline. Please send applications/enquiries directly to bs382[at]cam.ac.uk. We aim to make decisions within a week and will then forward the article to a professional language editor arranged by JAWS.

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