Travel grants for EAJS/JAWS 2020 conference in Ghent

I am pleased to announce that JAWS will again be able to offer travel grants to support young scholars to attend the upcoming EAJS/JAWS conference in Ghent, 26-29 August 2020.


JAWS members may apply for a travel grant to cover transport and/or accommodation costs of max. €250.

Eligibility: the applicant must be

a JAWS member and a graduate student or precariously employed academic.

confirmed to present a paper at the JAWS conference.

write a conference report to be published on the JAWS website and in the newsletter.

Actual costs to a maximum of €250 will be paid after receipts and conference reports have been submitted.

The support will be granted for a maximum of two times. Application deadline: 26th July 2020 (one month before the beginning of the conference).

Send informal applications (including a list of expected costs and financial needs as well as confirmation of acceptance to the conference) and inquiries to: bs382[at] (Brigitte Steger)

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